James Ron is a senior researcher with 30 years experience working in multiple continents with a variety of  research methods. His substantive interests include public opinion, human rights, non-government organizations, armed conflict, and public health. He has extensive expertise designing innovative research; pitching proposals to clients and funders; and presenting complex findings to multiple audiences, including the general public. He has has directed large research teams and survey operations in the developing and developed world.

James Ron’s scholarly and applied policy research has taken him to Bosnia, Colombia, the Republic of Congo, India, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, the West Bank and Gaza Strip (Occupied Palestinian Territories ), Serbia, and Turkey.

James holds a 1999 PhD in sociology from U.C. Berkeley. From then until 2020, James taught as a tenure track and then tenured professor at the Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore; McGill University, in Montreal; the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University in Ottawa; CIDE, a think tank in Mexico City; and at the University of Minnesota.

James has also worked or consulted for the Associated Press, a media wire service, in Jerusalem; for CARE, a humanitarian aid group, about their Goma refugee camps operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo; for Human Rights Watch, a rights research & advocacy group, for their work in Albania, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Palestine, Turkey, and the United States; for the International Committee of the Red Cross, about their relations with the United Nations and other international agencies in Bosnia & Croatia; and for Life for a Child, a charitable medical group, on whose behalf he has conducted evaluations and site visits in India, Mexico, Morocco, Tajikistan, & Uzbekistan.

James has also done applied policy research with financial support from the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Foundations (OSF), and the Canadian government, including its foreign and affairs & international cooperation ministry. With support from the University of Minnesota, Ford and the OSF, James helped create the Open Global Rights website in 2013, and served as its founding editor until 2017.

James has two children and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.