Ghita Benessahraoui, MA 

Founder and consultant, People in Action -International Development Consulting, Morocco

“I first had the opportunity to work with Jim as a freshly graduated masters student, in 2006. Hired as a research assistant to take part in an intensive field-based research project on south-based human rights organizations in Montreal, I was inspired by Jim’s passionate, dynamic, and positive leadership, as well as by his highly adaptive, problem-solving skills, hard work and competences as an outstanding researcher and team leader. 
In 2010, I took part in a global research project, designed and led by Jim, on the sustainability of rights-based organizations, involving a multicultural research team across the globe between Canada, Mexico, India and Morocco. I was yet again inspired and driven by Jim’s unwavering passion and quest for high quality research to better understand and advance the rights-based field globally. I was inspired by and learned from his ease to navigate through his sophisticated and rigorous yet pragmatic methods and approaches to research, data analysis, results formulation and policy and field applications. 
Jim’s natural, compassion-based and collaborative leadership skills, coupled with his passionate engagement and hard work, make for highly qualitative and conducive work dynamics, which transcend cultural boundaries and settings and inspire all to naturally contribute their best.”

Maya Dafinova, PhD

Program Manager, ABC Start Right at Paul Partnership, Ireland

“Jim was instrumental in starting me off on my PhD path. He taught my PhD-level ‘Applied Techniques for Policy Analysis’ course, as well as the ‘Qualitative Methods’ course. He subsequently became my first PhD dissertation supervisor. I also worked for Jim as a Research Assistant as part of a multicultural team, on a research project that explored the sustainability of rights-based organizations in the developing world. Jim’s instruction, guidance, and patience as a professor and a supervisor were what enabled me to choose my PhD dissertation topic. His professionalism, intelligence, and competence shines through and marks everything he does. The course he delivered on Grounded Theory sparked my interest in qualitative research methods. I wholeheartedly recommend his services.”

Kendra Dupay, PhD

Affiliated Researcher, Peace Research Institute Oslo and Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway

“I have worked with Jim on research about restrictive civil society laws since 2009. Jim’s interest in this research topic, and his direct encouragement to engage in it, not only propelled my own research career, it also sparked an entirely new line of research on closing civil society space that many prominent researchers and institutions are now contributing to.

Jim also served as a core member of my dissertation committee, and he provided me with some of the best scholarly feedback in my career.

Jim has been a fantastic mentor for me and I have learned a tremendous amount from his strong intellect. He is patient and kind, but unafraid to push his students and colleagues to achieve and upholds the highest quality standards in everything he is involved with.

He won’t rest until he knows things are done right. He is dedicated, extremely professional, and highly competent.”

Gonxhe Kandri, MA

Project Manager, Economic and Social Rights Projects, Albania.

“I met Jim during my Hubert H. Humphrey fellowship year at the University of Minnesota. He encouraged and guided me in pursuing a master’s in Human Rights from the prestigious Humphrey School of Public Affairs. His mentorship was vital in leading to the start of my master’s program. My experience with him has led me to believe that he is a consummate scholar and a thorough professional. His in-depth knowledge of global issues, policy design, research, and human rights issues has inspired my continuing pursuit of global and human rights issues and mentored me in a way that broadened understanding in this field. In addition to his expertise, one of his best assets is the ability to utilize appropriate language and positive interaction with students and scholars coming from different cultures and academic backgrounds, creating inclusive learning environments while also offering extra instructional support. I would be grateful to be a colleague of his in the future.”

Rachel Schmidt, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, 2020-21

“Jim was my MA supervisor at Carleton University, my first PhD supervisor, and also my director when I started working as an editor for Open Global Rights – I have known him for 15 years. He has been one of the key mentors in my career, and I would not have embarked on my PhD journey if it were not for his encouragement. As an instructor, he was excellent and engaging, and he brought valuable fieldwork experience into the classroom. He has always been highly professional, and his feedback never failed to make my work better. He demands excellence from his students but also shows them how to achieve it, and he teaches with compassion – this is a rare combination. His research work is inspiring and groundbreaking, and he has incredible attention to detail and a keen ability to solve complex problems. I hope to be able to work with him again someday!”

Darin Zeidan, MA

Country Manager, Palestinian Association for Children’s Encouragement of Sports, Palestine

“I got to know James Ron while he was teaching at the University of Minnesota, where I visited for a year a State Department-funded fellowship. We consulted a number of times in Minneapolis on my interests, and James was very helpful. Later, I helped him plan and execute a research trip to Palestine, which he conducted with a colleague. It was a pleasure to work with him in the field. He brings integrity and knowledge to his work, connects well with people from different backgrounds, and is able to conduct and guide cross-cultural conversations with ease. I highly recommend him to anyone considering him for work in an international context.”