Other Newspaper Commentary

RON, J. 2012. “Making Schools Safe.” openDemocracy, December 16; MinnPost, December 17 RON, J. 2012. “Understanding Privilege.” MinnPost & ASweetLife.com, September 12 & 4. RAMOS, H. & J. RON. 2012. “Funding Cuts Could Unshackle Canadian Civil Society.” Toronto Star, April 15; “Revolutionizing the Canadian Social Justice Sector.” openDemocracy.net (London), April 15, and IPolitics (Ottawa), April 16. RON, J. 2011. “Mexico’s Parallel Worlds” MinnPost & openDemocracy.net (London), December 8 & 11; [...]

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Reports for Government Agencies, NGOs & Communities of Practice

RON, J., B. ROOT, S. GOLDEN & H. LAVINE. Forthcoming. Taking Stock: U.S. Public Towards Human & Civil Rights in the Age of Trump Human Rights Watch, University of Minnesota, and Center for Victims of Torture. KAIRE, J., USECHE, C., CROW, D. & J. RON. 2018. Can Local Human Rights Organizations Raise Funds from the General Public in Bogotá?  University of [...]

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Articles & Podcasts for Policy Readers

RON, J. & D. Guthrie. (September 14, 2020). Are Today’s Police Critics Anti-Capitalists? The Numbers Say No. OnGlobalLeadership.com. LAVINE, H. & J. RON. (August 21, 2019). To Protect Human Rights Abroad, Preach to Trump Voters. Foreign Policy. RON, J., H. LAVINE & S. GOLDEN. (May 6, 2019). No, American’s Don’t Support Airstrikes that Kill Civilians, Even When they Target Terrorists. Washington [...]

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Book Chapters

RON, J., KAIRE, J., PANDYA, A. & MARTINEZ, A. 2018. “What Will it Take to Reduce NGO Dependence on Foreign Aid?” pp. 153-160 in Rodriguez-Garavito and Gomez, eds., Rising to the Populist Challenge: A New Playbook for Human Rights Actors. Bogota: DeJusticia. RON, J.  2000. “Territoriality & Plausible Deniability: Serbian Paramilitaries in the Bosnian War.” Pp. 287-312 in Death Squads in [...]

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Edited Collections

J. RON. 2017. Journal of Human Rights (16/3). Special Journal Issue on Public Opinion Surveys and Human Rights. HAFNER-BURTON, E. & J. RON. 2007. Journal of Peace Research (44/4), Special Journal Issue on Protecting Human Rights. J. RON. 2004. Journal of Conflict Resolution (49/4), Special Journal Issue on Primary Commodities and War.

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Scholarly Articles

CROW, D. & J. RON. (2020) “Do Global Publics View Human Rights Organizations as Handmaidens of U.S. Empire?” Political Studies Quarterly 135/1: 9-35. FRIEDEMANN-SANCHEZ, G., B. CAPISTRANT, J. RON, L. NOVAK, C. ZUIJDWIJK, G. OGLE, B. ANDERSON, A. MORAN & S. PENDSEY. (2018). “Caregiving for Children with Type 1 Diabetes and Clinical Outcomes in Central India.” Pediatric Diabetes 19/3: 527-533. ZUIJDWIJK, C., S. [...]

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BooksRON, J., S. GOLDEN; D. CROW; A. PANDYA. 2017. Taking Root: Human Rights & Public Opinion in the Global South. Oxford University Press.RON, J. 2003. Frontiers & Ghettos: State Violence in Serbia & Israel. University of California Press.

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