Graduate Students, Employees & Mentees

Ghita Benessahraoui, MA  Founder and consultant, People in Action -International Development Consulting, Morocco “I first had the opportunity to work with Jim as a freshly graduated masters student, in 2006. Hired as a research assistant to take part in an intensive field-based research project on south-based human rights organizations in Montreal, I was inspired [...]

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Colleagues and Collaborators

Charli Carpenter, PhD  Professor of Political Science and Legal Studies, University of Massachusetts-Amherst “Jim is a leading expert on human rights and humanitarian affairs who has pioneered the study of human rights public opinion in the Global South. He is a wide-ranging thinker, a versatile analyst, an eclectic methodologist, who moves easily between the academic and [...]

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Supervisors and Clients

Rachel Denber, MA  Deputy Director, Europe and Central Asia, Human Rights Watch. “Jim stepped in to research the situation for civilians during the second war in Chechnya, in the Russian Federation. This was during the very early phases of the armed conflict, in 1999, before it received widespread attention, before most human rights groups and foreign [...]

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