Access to global debates over human rights policy and strategy is limited by geography, language, connections, and money. Much of the public debate over human rights problems, policies and practices, moreover, are lacking in systematic data.

To address these problems, James Ron, Archana Pandya, David Petrasek, David Crow and colleagues created OpenGlobalRights (OGR). As of July 2017, OpenGlobalRights has appeared on an independent website; prior to that, it was a section of the London-based e-zine, openDemocracy.

Within OpenGlobalRights, the Opinion Hub provides human rights practitioners and scholars with high quality data and analysis on public opinion towards human rights policies, principles, and organizations. At present, most Hub data comes from the Human Rights Perception Polls, a multi-country, multi-regional research effort led by James Ron and David Crow.

The second part of OpenGlobalRights is its e-zine, Perspectives, which showcases short, well-edited, and highly accessible blog posts/articles/essays by practitioners, scholars, and donors. We translate these articles in up to 24 languages, and disseminate through multilingual social media.

OGR’s funders are the Ford Foundation,  Open Society Foundation, University of Minnesota, University of Ottawa, University of Dayton, Prospera, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and others.