Access to global debates over human rights policy and strategy is limited by geography, language, connections, and money. To address this inequality, James Ron and colleagues created openGlobalRights (oGR), a section of the London-based e-zine, openDemocracy. oGR’s funders are the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, University of Minnesota, and University of Ottawa.

Check out oGR’s latest  progress report for data on our readership, authors, partners and funding. Recently, Holly Cartner, Advisory Board Chair of the Open Society Foundations’ Human Rights Initiative, completed an evaluation of openGlobalRights based on 33 stakeholder interviews. Check out her full report here. 

In June 2017, openGlobalRights will be moving to a a brand-new website. We will remain linked to openDemocracy, but will have greater technical versatility in design and functionality.